Los mensajes de los maestros ascendidos que llegan a través del mensajero del Centro de Corazones se conocen como Emanaciones del Corazón porque cada uno se transmite con gran amor e intensa luz a medida que fluye a través del chakra del corazón del mensajero para bendecir a todos los que lo recibieron.

La dinámica por la cual los maestros cargan esta luz-energía y el resplandor divino en la Tierra durante sus entregas es muy importante porque la Tierra y todos nosotros en ella requiere esa luz, ese impulso de energía para ayudarnos en nuestra búsqueda de renovación y plenitud .

Se han recibido más de 6,500 Emanaciones del Corazón a través del mensajero David Cristopher Lewis en esta dispensación. Con esta herramienta puedes encontrarlas por tema, maestro, evento, año así como la grabación/video y en muchas la transcripción del mensaje.

¡Esperamos disfrutes este tesoro de luz completamente libre y disponible para todos!

* Para ver las Emanaciones del Corazón en español, por favor seleccione las emanaciones que tengan adjunto documentos de texto y podrá ver la transcripción traducida.
* La traducción de los documentos es sólo referencial, ya que es realizada por google traductor). 
DeliveredTimeDelivered ByTitleMedia
9/28/22 18m Michael Blue Angels Matter! Violet Angels Matter! All Angels Matter!
9/18/22 23m Holy Spirit Group Soul-Raising Session with the Holy Spirit
9/18/22 21m Jesus Jesus: Claim Your Divine Destiny in Freedom’s Light!
9/17/22 23m Saint Germain Saint Germain: Safeguarding Our Spiritual Heritage and Rights Now!
9/16/22 45m El Morya El Morya: God-Government Is the Requirement of the Hour!
9/16/22 18m El Morya El Morya: Be Involved in Your Local Government
9/11/22 16m Lady Priella How to Win Spiritual Friends and Influence Awakening Souls
9/4/22 18m Mother Mary Mother Mary Comes to Empower Us Further in Our Sacred Missions
8/31/22 19m David Lewis Saint Germain on Advanced Alchemy Volume 2 Is Released as an Ebook Today!
8/14/22 15m Portia Portia: Justice Is Really the Greatest Mercy
8/10/22 13m Pallas Athena Pallas Athena Wields Her Spear of Truth to Counter Darkness
8/10/22 8m El Morya Use a Sphere of White Light to Heal and Help Others
7/31/22 13m David Lewis Surrender to Be a Messenger, then the Magic Begins
7/31/22 14m Maitreya Maitreya: Find Your Buddha Nature within New Levels of Stillness
7/24/22 13m Lanello Lanello Encourages Us to Invoke and Be The Infinite Light
7/20/22 4m David Lewis Eat Greens for Greater Mental and Overall Health
7/20/22 33m David Lewis Jesus Was a New Age Master
7/17/22 12m Buddha of Diamond Crystal Light The Buddha of the Diamond Crystal Light Starts an Initiative of a New Age Tree Nursery
7/17/22 15m Buddha of the Golden Pink Glow Ray The Buddha of the Golden-Pink Glow Ray Raises Us into a New Level of Beingness
7/13/22 22m David Lewis Remain Centered to Maintain a Balanced Life
7/13/22 13m David Lewis Teaching on the Violet Laser Light Decree
7/10/22 23m David Lewis Darshan with Spanish Heartfriends
7/10/22 13m Lady Kristine Grace Creates Space for the Holy Spirit in Your Life - Increase Your Inner Fervor to Know and Experience God Within!
7/6/22 13m Saint Patrick Manifest Your Christ Consciousness 24/7
7/6/22 11m David Lewis Put on the Breastplate of the Lord
6/30/22 20m Alpha Alpha and Omega: Manifest Your Brightest Dreams and Your High Ideal
6/30/22 21m Holy Spirit Group Soul-Raising Session
6/30/22 7m David Lewis Surrender Is Part of Motherhood
6/29/22 24m The Holy Family Beloved Holy Family: Keys to Fulfilling Your Family Mission
6/27/22 11m Venus Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus: Divine Love within Your Family Life
6/26/22 19m Vesta Beloved Helios and Vesta: True Friendship and Fun with the Sun
6/19/22 29m Meta Maintain Your Childhood Innocence and Youthful Disposition
6/17/22 8m Krishna Krishna Blesses Us after Kirtan
6/15/22 5m El Morya Be Careful What You Judge
6/15/22 23m El Morya El Morya Delivers Light to the British Isles
6/12/22 14m Meta Help Your Children Be The Light, Retain The Light - Imagine the New Age Into Existence Now
6/12/22 16m David Lewis Laying Siege to the Institutions
6/8/22 41m Mother Mary Mother Mary on Healing - How to Restore Wholeness
6/5/22 28m Meta Defend Children and the Integrity and Sanctity of Life
6/5/22 17m Maha Chohan The Maha Chohan’s 2022 Pentecost Message
6/2/22 23m Afra I Ray Forth Cosmic Justice, Cosmic Freedom and Cosmic Love
6/1/22 26m Seven Chohans Engage Daily with Your High Ideal
6/1/22 6m David Lewis Reading from Dannion Brinkley’s Book "Secrets of the Light" Chapter 10, Truth #1
5/29/22 10m Meta Assisting Children in the Development of their Christ-Potential through a Balanced Psyche
5/29/22 10m David Lewis David Lewis' Discourse on Suffering and the Bodhisattva Vision Verse #57 - "The Bodhisattva Doctrine, the Only Remedy for Suffering"
5/29/22 18m Bob Lewis Music Is Instrumental in Bringing Forth Your Divine Selfhood
5/25/22 5m David Lewis Explanation about Tithing Requirement for Wednesday Services
5/25/22 8m David Lewis Inspiring Stories of Contacts with Newly Acquainted Heartfriends
5/25/22 18m Charity Know God in the Richness of Perfected Love - We Amplify the Devotion in Your Services Planetary-Wide
5/22/22 7m David Lewis The Hearts Center Does Not Promote Nationalism or Political Partisanship
5/22/22 10m Meta The Security and Sanctity of the Family and the Importance of Quality and Quantity Family Time
5/20/22 34m Melchizedek The Alchemy of Purgation and Transmutation
5/18/22 23m David Lewis It's a Great Time to Be Alive
5/15/22 26m Meta The Magnificence of Divine Light, The Miracle of Life, The Marvel of Birth, The Magic of Self-Discovery, and The Mystery of Solar Realization
5/15/22 12m David Lewis What Is a Breath of Fresh Air?
5/14/22 7m Saint Germain Darshan with Saint Germain
5/14/22 7m David Lewis David’s Comments after the HeartStream by Zadkiel and Amethyst
5/14/22 25m Amethyst Zadkiel and Amethyst Bathe Mount Shasta and the Earth in Sacred Fire
5/12/22 10m Gautama Buddha The Middle-Way Is the Path of Love Fulfilled through Divine Faith
5/12/22 11m Gautama Buddha Gautama Buddha Speaks on How the Heart Virtues of the New Eightfold Path Can Accelerate your Path to Enlightenment, Self-Realization and the Ascension
5/12/22 9m David Lewis The Heart Virtues of the New Eightfold Path
5/12/22 6m David Lewis Meditate on Light and Fire to Amplify Your Meditation Practice
5/12/22 10m Gautama Buddha Meditation with the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas
5/12/22 9m David Lewis Process Light Every Day and Become Sun-Like with the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the Pureland
5/11/22 1h 11m Kuan Yin Kuan Yin Speaks on Maintaining a Compassionate Heart During Troubling Times
5/11/22 3m David Lewis Forgiveness Is a Divine Opportunity for Love and Mercy
5/11/22 24m David Lewis A Discourse on Kuan Yin and the Grace of Mercy
5/8/22 11m Meta A Mother's Fragrant Heart Comforts and Supports All Her Children
5/4/22 13m David Lewis Our Morning Prayer and Meditation Services Are Epic Events
5/4/22 3m David Lewis We Are an Aquarian Essene Community
5/4/22 7m David Lewis Why We Say Our Decrees So Fast
5/4/22 2m David Lewis Why We Read the Daily Meditationsby the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
5/4/22 5m David Lewis Tangibly Feel and Experience Your Tube of Light
5/1/22 25m Saint Germain Saint Germain Comes in Support of Chicago Heartfriends and Lightbearers
5/1/22 9m Gabriel Gabriel Trumpets the Call to All Souls to Respond to God and Obey the Christ Within
5/1/22 8m Meta The Innocence of Purity and the Sweetness of Humility
5/1/22 5m David Lewis Merge through the Mystical Union with Your God-Presence
5/1/22 7m David Lewis Assent to God and Ascend Daily
4/30/22 41m Jesus Darshan with Jesus
4/30/22 21m Jesus The Virtuous Love of the Faithful Is Transforming Chicago
4/30/22 18m Godfre Godfre darshans with us on The Miracle Violet Light—The Freedom and Destiny of Chicago
4/30/22 42m Godfre Godfre discourses with us on The Miracle Violet Light—The Freedom and Destiny of Chicago
4/30/22 7m David Lewis The Path of the Saint Is One of Divine Love and Givingness to Others
4/27/22 13m David Lewis Local USA Hearts Centers Reports
4/27/22 17m Victoria The Shift Has Occurred - Be Transformed in Our Resurrection Light
4/24/22 11m David Lewis David's Comments after Meta's HeartStream
4/24/22 11m Meta Access Greater Vitality and Creativity from Your Eternal Self
4/22/22 7m Fortuna Perfect Vision Leads to Great Abundance for Servitors of Love and Light
4/22/22 18m David Lewis Become the Purity of the Mother, the Progenitor of the Christ Consciousness
4/17/22 31m Jesus Jesus' 2022 Easter Message - Part Two
4/17/22 7m Jesus Jesus' 2022 Easter Message - Part One
4/13/22 19m Meta Meta: The Importance of the Developmental Stages of the Child Vis-à-vis the Spiritual Life of the Adult
4/13/22 15m Saint Anthony Saint Anthony: Find Yourself in God
4/10/22 19m Meta Meta: Use Divine Imaginative Vision to Architect Your Perfect Co-creative Work
4/6/22 14m Mother Mary Mother Mary Assuages Our Concerns and Worries through the Comfort of Her Immaculate Heart
4/6/22 11m El Morya Morya's New Quips
4/6/22 15m David Lewis The Key Is to Maintain Balance and Harmony
4/4/22 18m El Morya El Morya: The Divine Energy of the Abundant Life is Available Now!
4/4/22 2h 25m David Lewis Workshop: Expanding Our Blessings for an Abundant Life!
4/3/22 15m Meta Meta Initiates a Spiral of Victory for the Enlightenment of the Youth of the World